Fixing A Flat Tire In A Busy Road

Usually items that cut onto tires and puncture them are not visible on the road when driving. Sometimes you have the misfortune of running onto a nail or a piece of glass that works its way inside your tire. A couple of meters or miles down the road (depending on your speeding), your tire will end up giving away.

The precautionary steps

Fixing a tire in a busy road is not much different from when doing it at home or another road. The difference is in the precautionary steps that need to be taken when stopping in a highway or another busy road. You will have to move the vehicle onto the curb or a stop place on the road so that you do not get in the way of oncoming traffic. If it is in the middle of the night on any road you will need reflective triangles or an emergency lamp on both sides of the car to warn any oncoming vehicles (so that you do end up as roadkill while trying to fix the tire).

Things to keep in the car for changing tires

Although you do need a whole bunch of best mechanic in Southport items, the basics must be in your car all the time to make sure that you can get out of an emergency situation. Some of the basics that are needed for changing a tire are a lug wrench, knife, car jack or car jack drill press, pliers and a patch kit.

When you are buying the patch kit, do not go for the cheap ones. Cheap repair kits tend to have parts that break off and get stuck in the tire or backfire on you. Also keep in mind that tire patches usually work on tubeless tires and they have a tendency to last longer than the tire most of the time. Tire patches are also more reliable than going for tire plugs as temporary measures.

Putting on the repair kit

Do the usual jacking of the car and removing the flat wheel. Then take out the nail which caused the trouble and ream the empty hole to make it big enough for the plug. Then take your repair kit and insert the plug into the plug tool and center it. Following that cover the plug and tool tip with rubber cement. Insert this into the hole and pull out the plug tool. Remove leftover plug and let it dry.

Make sure to take the car to a professional mechanic to guarantee that a proper tire is added. Plugs tend to be more unreliable than patches.

Keep in mind that it can be a disaster when using plugs on the side of a tire due to load and steel separation of the tire as these can cause a blowout. Being extra careful is the key or going for the tow truck.